About us

About us

THINGS HAPPEN is a creative platform based in Vilnius, which offers things to wear and things to own. Founded in 2014 with an urge to question a different kind of fashion philosophy – a platform which is not restricted by seasons, ever-changing trends or the idea of a traditional collection.

We create items that represent timelessness and being iconic. Things that are meant to be worn by modern icons. We merge simple ideas with our original point of view and the outcome is something that feels unique, independent and classic at once. A result of our love for simplicity, experimentation, reinterpretation, contemporary design. Because we make things happen when all rules the and stereotypes are defied.

The idea behind THINGS HAPPEN is rather organic. We believe that things – sometimes amazing, sometimes unexpected – happen all the time. All that matters is how they are welcomed.

We, as a design team, make things happen in the most natural and creative way inspired by minimalism and simplicity. We make beautiful things to wear and things to own. Things to love because of their universal appeal and uniqueness at the same time. Things to have fun with, and things that please the eye. Let them happen.

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